Post Mortem: 2021 Playoffs - Seahawks v Lambs

Michael K.
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Re: Post Mortem: 2021 Playoffs - Seahawks v Lambs

Post by Michael K. » Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:51 pm

Seriously? It just pisses me off. Watching that was unbelievable, and makes me think a few things,

One would be that with Pete Carroll? A guy who would rather lose playing his way than win doing what might work? Who looked at our football team against the Rams and thought the way to win was to try and fight them in a phone booth. No one but Grampa Pete. How about taking two retired RBs and Travis Homer down to Lambo and winning that way last year? No one but Grampa Pete.

Another thought was that Schotty is just a bigger dumb ass than even we thought. Deep shots and running into a loaded box, to beat the Rams?

But, the really scary thought is this. What if Russ can’t play that style? What if he says he wants tempo, but is unable to call a game at the LOS like A Rod and other top QBs do?

I am holding out hope that it was just Schotty...and I can’t believe the problem is Russ, because he has proven that to be false in the past. My fear? It is Pete, and his dumbass idea of how football should be played, his enormous ego and stubbornness that won’t ever adapt to the fact that that style doesn’t work on this NFL, even if he DID have the personnel to play that way.

I know everyone thought I was anti Pete before...but I can’t express how disgusted I am with him now. Watching Mike Rob basically show us how Green Bay attacked the Rams and kicked their ass, and it is EXACTLY what many of us have been asking our team to do...and knowing that Pete not only refused to do it, but had doubled down saying they are going to do it even less next year? Ouch.

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