Explain this to me

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Re: Explain this to me

Post by ddraig » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:44 am

He lost me when he stopped smashing the Republican Guard on the Hiway of Death because of publicity. Most of the guys wanted to go all the way to Baghdad to take out Hussein because they knew that if they didn't take him out then, their little brothers would have to do it 10 years after. Who was right? The military, or the wishy-washy politicians?

By the way, the most socialist department in Washington is the State Department. Always looking out for other countries.

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Re: Explain this to me

Post by DavidGee24 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:49 pm

bpj wrote:
Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:40 am
This isn't your parents Democratic party.

Libs had gone off the deep end before they even started rioting and trying to defund the police.

Back then the biggest thing that made them all idiots was believing in climate change as opposed to climates change.

Now they're even worse. Biden is going to get metaphorically curbstomped.
All we can do is hope so. The media is so misleading and "polls" are such bullshit that it's almost impossible to tell where the hearts of average Americans are. Trump's win over Clinton was a "shock", and it could go the other way this time.

The Dems are in full freakout mode. Four years ago they had a very experienced politician and public figure running in what should have been a slam dunk victory lose to a celebrity, just the ultimate FU from America to the Dems.

Now they're running a boring nondescript old fart who doesn't even have the appeal that Clinton did, and they know he sucks so they're pulling out all the stops to undermine Trump, even at the risk of getting citizens killed in the streets which of course has happened.

What's really sad is that this isn't even to promote Biden, it's to bring Trump down to his level. Whenever you read about someone ripping Trump, you never, EVER see praise for Biden, not even a "Biden would do a better job". Have you guys noticed that?

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Re: Explain this to me

Post by seattlefan-daBronx » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:23 pm

Trump is in today's political culture a hybrid.
He hijacked the Republican party in 2016 but is a populist.
Look at this views through the years...they're pretty liberal actually.
But I'm proud of him for keeping his campaign promises which have been damn pretty conservative.
I think 20 years ago he'd be considered a "Regan Democrat".
He moved money around to build the wall and secure the border after years of Presidents doing nothing.
He tried to put "conservative" judges on the supreme court.
IMHO one worked out the other is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
He gave money to the military (typical of Repubs)
He cut taxes and regulation (typical)
What makes him different is his ability to "deal" with other countries and to handle the left-wing propaganda MSM.
That is his passion. Look at his actions and results.
Removed TTP, NAFTA, Iran Nuclear = all bad deals for USA.
Renegotiated for USMCA, deal with S. Korea, part 1 of a deal with China.
Tarriffed the hell out of everybody which I didn't like at first but it gave him leverage.
No one imho could've handled this COVID mess like Trump did.
We didn't exactly know anything about it but he adjusted the govt. as any good company would do to changing market conditions.
The man runs the White House like a business and has had to fire a record number of people to so.
The deep state is real and has been a serious pain in the ass preventing the man from doing even more for the country.
Literally judges, congress, generals, the press, freakin everyone is against this guy and he just keeps on working.
Beside the fact he is 74 years old and outworks all of his younger staff.
In the last 36 hours, Trump flew from D.C. to Nevada, did 2 rallies and a fundraiser, then flew to Cali. to give Gov. Nuisance federal funds to bail them out of years of incompetence and mismanagement, then back to D.C. to sign a peace deal with 3 middle eastern countries.
He is relentless and a fighter. That's is why we voted for him and he deserves four more years. To keep fighting.
If not the USA is lost. There are no more Regan Democrats. Only extremists, socialists, and communists pretending to be democrats.
God Bless Donald J. Trump!

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Re: Explain this to me

Post by Grandma Lynn » Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:28 am

Very good,daBronx!
We can also add he did all
this with no help from some
of the Republicans!
I'm kind of scared about the
voting this time. Hope there's
no trouble, but bet there will try.

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Re: Explain this to me

Post by ddraig » Fri Sep 18, 2020 12:17 am

Go to Costco and stock up on a few cases of canned goods and Mac&Cheese. Then go purchase an extra propane tank for your barbeque. A few days before the election, fill the tanks of all your cars and get an extra 5 gallon can. Then hope that the election is an overwhelming put down of potential President Harris. Since votes can be counted up to three days after November 3, there will be riots unless Trump is so far ahead that even the late ballots won't matter. And even then, there may be three days of rioting while the late ballots are counted. Once the dust from the voting subsides, Trump can invoke the insurrection act.

Anybody know there has never any right of center Nazis in history? Every single one has been a socialist.

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Re: Explain this to me

Post by AmericanPig » Fri Sep 18, 2020 12:32 am

Well, that's nice and sad, but do your part as a noble American and just learn to leave someone who hates you alone. That's all. It's not that hard. I'm sure you can do it.

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