GOOGLE Protecting Their Pet Negroes

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Moe Gibbs
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GOOGLE Protecting Their Pet Negroes

Post by Moe Gibbs » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:35 pm

Youtube is CENSORING my comments that contain wording such as "black lives matter violence" or "negro crime" or "black on White crime"
I made a lot of comments about black lives matter and the things going on in USA.
But I never got any replys, so I went back and checked my comments. Guess what, they are gone!

I quickly realized it was not a channel filter because it was many different channels.
Also tried it on my own channel with settings and no filters and allowing all comments.

After that I started to check what words were censored. These are the ones I found so far....
"black lives matter violence", "black lives matter crime", "black crime", "black violence"..and phrases that contained "negro".
These words appear to be removed as quickly as I can hit "ENTER".
Is this what is meant by "SHADOW BANNING" on the internet...?

This means MILLIONS of comments from others have been and are being removed, not just mine.
This means you can not make a counter argument or bring up statistics, which is what I was doing.

THIS IS NOT OK IF YOU BELIEVE IN NET NEUTRALITY. DON'T BLAME IT ON ALGORITHMS These are not sensitive or vulgar words. Globalist GOOGLE has no valid excuse other than they need to hide the truth about their Pet Negroes in order to advance Multiculturalist / Globalist Agenda.

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Re: GOOGLE Protecting Their Pet Negroes

Post by YallCanFoff » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:51 pm

Yup, a form of shadow banning but it's more sophisticated than just word usage. On Youtube for example, your accpetance of their terms includes fine print consent for them to track your complete internet search history, what sites you visit and what you post elsewhere, as well as any email content associated with the registered email address. It all gets cross-referenced so that they can then make the determination.

Mel Bradford
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Re: GOOGLE Protecting Their Pet Negroes

Post by Mel Bradford » Wed Jul 01, 2020 3:13 am

Dictechtorial. Google promotes its own destruction. Its what power does. Its not Google, its Gollum. They can go ahead and censor anything their little evil hearts desire and create a world of secular perversion,assault the structure of the family, force conformity and "social credit". They can throw mother nature out the door but she'll come back in through the window. They can't kill the truth.

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