Injury updates:

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Injury updates:

Post by Pharmabro » Sun Jul 03, 2022 5:42 am

I just thought I would update on a slow off day.

Ty France is already hitting in the cage and is expected to be back after the min. 10 days. ETA 7/5 (BACK!)

Murphy is out for the season :o

Haniger 7/15 ETA (Vaguely suggested that MItch would be back toward the end of July from Dipoto)

Kyle Lewis: 7/10 ETA I guess they are now saying not until after the break 7/22

Torrens 7/7/ back 7/9

TAylor T BAck when I did this I assumed he would be day to day but he is on the 10 day and is expected to be 1.5 weeks to a month or so. He was out for a month with a similar injury in April in AAA. Some time from now to late July.

France back in a couple days but Lewis back in a week and Haniger back in 2 weeks

Kinda sucks that we 3 freaking OF/DH types all coming back about the same time. Just a reminder
Haniger hit 39 HRs last year and is a career 124 OPS+ bat
Lewis is 121 OPS+ hitter and was crushing it to a tune of a 176 OPS+
Taylor looks like he has made adjustments and was hitting to a tune of 125 OPS+ in 32 games

Oh and
JK in Tacoma .299 .361 .598 .959

I think some of the "annoited-one" perspectives that a few of us have about Tacoma may be shared by the front office as well. We had Winker serve a week and had Mitch, Taylor, and Lewis out. But the M's sent out Haggerty good 131 OPS+, and Upton bad 46 OPS+ also a bit of Marcus Wilson

One thing I will say in JK support is that he is still only 22 with 244 games in the MILB and 123 MLB games.

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