The Bills look like world beaters

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The Bills look like world beaters

Post by Pharmabro » Sun Jan 16, 2022 6:39 am

I was impressed with them watching them They maybe fully mature now. (DT special request to let us see the paywall PFF on them)

Team stats #1D, #3 offense almost 6500 yards for and just over 4600 yards against. 200 point scoring differential #1 in the league.

Josh Aleen looks like and MVP type. Runs like the wind and is ok on percentage and TDs/ ints. 4400 yards on 63% rate with 36 TDs and 15 picks. 2.4 to one is not a good rate but he runs as well 763 yards on a 6.3 average and another 6 TDS. Even though Allen runs a lot and extends the play he was only sacked 26 times on the year compared with 33 for Russ in 3 less games and I think I remember seeing Russ's sack total highest in the league for xx number of years.

RBS the #1 is good with 870n yards on a 4.6 average

WR Stephon Diggs has an argument for top 5 or so in the game, Beasily is a position type 8.5 yards/C near 700 yards, Davis averages near 16 as a big play threat 550 yards, and a TE with about that in yards.
But the strength of the team is the #1 Defense

Bench Star Lotulelei is a stud DT and is on the bench with 3 sacks, Their leading Sack guy only has 7 but 42 as a team. This is scary because on one of the predictions articles they were picked to grab Chandler Jones to put that #1 defense even that much more over the top. Seahawks had 34

The safeties both had 5 picks on the year. They had 19 as a team compared to the Hawks (11). NOw the fact that they have the #1 D with Tradavious White out who is their #1 corner is kinda scary.

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