Chicago WNBA team wins title and no one shows for the Parade

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Chicago WNBA team wins title and no one shows for the Parade

Post by auroraave » Fri Oct 22, 2021 12:58 am

This is hysterical. All the usual wackadoodles - like Sir Lori "Beetlejuice" Lightfoot and the Sue Birds of the world screaming for equal pay, while their league cannot even turn a profit. If not for the NBA subsidizing this train wreck (actually, that's incorrect - everyone loves to watch a train wreck!) this 'league would not even exist. Chicago's WNBA team wins the title and, literally, no one shows for the victory parade. No - seriously - NO ONE. As always, Ben Shapiro kills this one - absolutely hysterical. But yeah, they should be getting equal pay. LMAO! First rule of economics: Supply and demand. No one showed - not even all those raging feminists. "We deserve equal pay!!!!" "Um, what about that whole 'supply and demand thing?" "Supply and demand is just another example of white male privilege and systemic misogyny!!!!!!" You know that shit is coming.

Ben Shapiro commenting on the 'parade', "I haven't seen people this excited since the release of Ishtar" :lol: :lol: ... BenShapiro

This is seriously funny shit. The comments section is GOLD!

Paula Clark
58 minutes ago
“I like sports and I like jokes. I like the NBA and the WNBA. One’s a sport, the other is a joke.” LMAO!

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