Gold Glove love plan

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Gold Glove love plan

Post by Pharmabro » Mon Nov 01, 2021 2:28 am

I have talked at length about why the Indians are not in the need of trading Jose Ram. He is under paid for the next two years =, they have 2 ACes leading a good rotation next year.I think we could get Donaldson or Chapmann while not gutting the system. I think a package like what was shown on the Sodo article gets it done it was something like:
M's get Chapmann
A's get #6 Deloach, #7Williamson, #14Then,

Chapmann is an ideal target he is coming off a 101 OPS+ but has a 120 career the difference between him and Jose was an up year for Jose and a down year for Chappy. They enetered with the same OPS+.
Matt Chapmann is the premier defender at 3B in his generation
2017 AL 3.27 (1st)
2018 AL 3.20 (1st)
2019 AL 2.93 (1st)
2021 AL 2.93 (1st)
Active 3.01 (1st)
I know humans have a recency bias but I think he bounces back in a big way in 2022. He has 2 years of control and would be a big win for our pitchers.

Target 2 Carlos C. or probably more likely Marcus S. Marcus was #3 in baseball at 2B in 2021 with 9 runs saved. The bat was a Boone- like 45 bomb hitting 133 OPS+ guy. a 90 OPS+ in covid year in between another big 139 OPS+ in 2019.
The infield defense would be the best in baseball
position rank
1B France #1
2B Marcus S. #3
3B Chapman#1
What about the bats?
1B France 128 OPS+ last year 120 career and 4.2 WAR last year
2B Marcus 133 OPS+ last year 110 career and 7.1 WAR last year
3B Chappy 100 OPS+ last year and 120 career 3.4 WAR last year
SS JP 102 OPS+ last year 94 career 3.8 WAR last year

I think the offense goes up a bit from all except for Marcus but no reason to believe he is not in that range. I would not be shocked at all to see JP continue to develop. France is another on the ascend what would his OPS+ be if he had not slumped after getting thumped?On April 28th he was at .303 .400 .494 .894 and got plnked in the wrist by time he went on the DL he was at .229 .333 .366 .700 (Those 13 games .067 .192 .089 .281) and dropped him to a .700 OPS+. He was out for 11 days and cam back on fire to finish at .813.
JP's road stats .296 .360 .404 .764

I would also like to add that power lefty bat we need and again I would just pencil in Schwarber or Conforto. 10 to 16 M per maybe a pillow contract 1 year for Conforto vs like 3 for 48 for Schwarber.

The price
Schwarber 3/48 =16
Marcus 5/120= 24M
Chapmann I am guessing but 12 then 18M so + 12
Adds 52 to our current about 40 Million in committments for 2022
Player position bats OPS+ note
1. JP SS L 105 340 OBP in 21 even with the depressed Safeco stats
2. Marcus 2B R 130's OPS+ (the top 2 don't steal a lot but are + OBP and speed)
3. France 1B R 130 OPS+ ( I'd actually expect 135-140)
4. Schwarber DH L 120 OPS+
5. Hanniger OF R 125 OPS+
6. Chappy 3B R 120 OPS+
7. JK OF L 120 OPS+ ( last month he was like a 150 OPS+ .900 OPS)
8. Murphy-Torrens C 95 OPS+ R( I expect growth that is the average between the two but Murph was coming off a huge injury and Torrens had the ice start)
9. Fraley OF L 105 OPS+
Lewis OF R 120 OPS+
Toro 2b/3b 96 OPS+
Dilly UT 90 OPS+ career ( even in a down year 71 bat he was a 1 WAR player in 1/2 starter time)
C one of Murphy Torrens ( I expect Torrens to be focused on learning how to catch and Murphy to rebound with the bat in 172 games with Seattle he has been worth 3.5 WAR)

So, The M's sit around 90 million +/- with a 110 to 120 OPS+ Offense.

They have GG infield and run suppresing home stadium and walk up to Max and say you want to have your best year ever? Here is 40 Million! Let's go win a WS!

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